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I lust after Chanel so much that any day I can get my hands on a product of theirs is a good day.  Especially their nail colors, which are almost always unique and stunning and a must buy.  And now I can add their new for fall Vertigo shade to that list.

It’s such an interesting shade that I’m having a hard time trying to describe it.  Basically, it’s a mix of grey, black and purple, but that’s a very boring description for a very beautiful shade.  It also has these teeny tiny sparkly particles that only seem to come out at certain angles (and I think, in the sunlight).  So, so pretty.  And perfect to wear as we transition into fall shades from the pastels and brights of summer.  It’s always around this time of year that I get really sick of all my pinks and light blues, etc… and can’t wait to start wearing dark shades again, so Vertigo comes at the perfect time.  But like all Chanel polishes, it stands a good chance of selling out, so if you have your eye on this one, snatch it up quickly before your chance goes away.  Don’t let that happen!

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