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It’s no secret that the burgundy/purple/magenta lip is one of the hottest beauty trends for fall.  But the thought of applying the dark and bright color (yes.. it is both at the same time, no?) make you feel a little nervous?  Don’t did for us too – until we found 3 perfect gorgeous lippies that helped us embrace the trend with no mishaps.

NARS Velvet Lip Pencil in Damned:  What used to make us nervous about applying purple is the fear that we’d just end up with a huge mess on our lips: colors bleeding, uneven blending that’s too light in some places and too dark in others, and getting it all over our teeth.  When you’re dealing with intense colors like purple and magenta, you have a lot less room for error than with a nude or pink.  Luckily for us, NARS Velvet Lip Pencils make sure that none of our fears happen.  Because of the texture of the product, the color doesn’t actually budge from where it’s applied so there’s no need to worry about it traveling anywhere off your lips.  The color payoff is also amazing- and build-able so you get a range of beautiful magenta hues from a sheer wash to full coverage.

Butter London LIPPY in Queen Victoria: This color has more of a berry tone to it so it’s perfect for gals who are just easing into the purple trend.  Though a gloss, the texture of the product is a tad on the heavier side- so just a little bit goes a long way. The product also doesn’t budge and fades into a pretty sheer wash after hours of wearing.  I love that the product strikes just the perfect balance between color and gloss, with the end result not being too shiny (definitely a no-no when it comes to experimenting with this color). Plus it has a delicious caramel scent that makes applying it quite fun.  My recommendation is to scrape off any access product on your brush before applying so you can control the color and application better.

Ellis Faas Glazed Lips E301: This is perhaps one of the most surprising products I’ve tried recently.  I got it in this month’s GlossyBox and though I have been a fan of Ellis Faas, I wasn’t sure what to think about this product when I first saw the dark oxblood color emerge from the tip of the pen applicator. The second I brushed the color on, however, I was totally amazed.  While the color is definitely on the darker side, it still has a very natural quality to it.  It doesn’t stand out or pop in the wrong way though it definitely gives you that rich dark hue. The brush applicator is also easy to control and the color is build-able but never matte or overwhelming.  The final result is more like a glaze than a gloss and exudes a very sophisticated finish.

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