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Since Hurricane Sandy has derailed everyone’s wild Monday night plans (I mean, cut into my “recover from Halloween” and How I Met Your Mother couch potato schedule), my roommates and I are indefinitely sequestered in our apartment. With an entire bathroom full of beauty products and nothing but time, you can imagine the kind of trouble we might be getting into…the beauty sleepover kind. And what’s a beauty sleepover with face masks? Here’s a roundup of my favorite four face masks, to get you through this a forced night in (or your own imposed night in, no judgment).

For Clear, Post-Sandy Skin

Are you guys sick of me talking about my love for Eve Lom? I hate to sound like a beauty broken record, but their Rescue Mask is a mainstay for me whenever I think my skin need a clarifier or a pick-me-up. This thick, herbal rich mud mask has the effect of a juice cleanse, on my skin, re-setting balance anytime it gets overly oily, dry, or anything. Feel an impending breakout or bump? This is mask is your toolkit, by drying out blemishes, tightening up pores, and clearing out impurities. Its gloppy texture dries quickly to a matte finish that you easily wash off with water. Under the skin bumps that formerly register an 8 on the Angry scale, are instantly reduced to half that, after a few nights of using this treatment mask.

For A Glow

Every skin product always talks about its ability to make your skin glow. If you’ve never known what that looked like, Murad’s Intensive-C Radiance Peel is for you. It’s technically more of a peel than a mask, so it initially goes on a little filmy and slightly sticky to touch. Leave it on for the recommended 10 minutes and you will start to feel slight tingles. Rinse with warm water and you’ll find that your skin will have this “lit from within” and slightly shiny, luminous quality.

For Moisturizing

What makeup artist or beauty editor has not raved about the awesomeness of SK-II masks? I first found out about them on trips to Taiwan when I would see chic ladies, reclining mummy-like with these cut-out masks over their faces. Then I saw the same sight repeated in backstage beauty pictures at European haute couture shows, where Pat McGrath used them to prep models’ skin. Yes, they are expensive. But totally worth it. I ration these more aggressively than my dwindling hurricane supply of gummy penguins, careful to save them for special occasions. Apply this paper cut-out, soaked in a cooling, precious SK-II essence, with breathing room for your eyes, nose, and mouth and you wake up looking like you had a full night’s sleep. Your skin looks plumped up, alive, and you’ll emerge from this whole hurricane thing looking like you had two day’s worth of facials.

For A Budget

I reviewed Clean and Clear’s In-Shower Steam Facial back in 2009 and it is still one of my favorite masks of all time. Sadly, since my review, it’s been a little difficult to find. Makeup Alley tells me it’s discontinued (say it isn’t so!) but I do see some places of purchase at CVS and It’s an exfoliator/mask in one that uses the gentle heat and steam of your shower to draw out dirt and sebum, while the exfoliating grains gently work to buff your skin to smoothness. And as it’s a drugstore find, it’s $6.99.



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