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Ahh BCA products… As you may have noticed, we don’t feature too many of them here on TDO, and that’s partly because we don’t find many of them to be that inspiring. We’re all for supporting breast cancer research, but honestly?- we rather donate our time or money than buy a lackluster product. However, when we were introduced to the new fragrance Noteworthy by Demeter, we immediately knew we wanted to feature it because we’d buy it even if it weren’t a limited edition BCA product. The fact that 30% of proceeds will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, just makes it an even better reason to do so (plus, it has a super pretty bottle).

I’ve been a fan of Demeter’s simple fragrances for a long time. When I worked retail in Anthropologie back in my college days, I used to pass any lulls in the day by sampling the entire library that was on display in the store. TheĀ  Noteworthy fragrance is a bit more complex than their usual singular note scents: the fruity floral scent is comprised of notes of bergamot, white jasmine, blue iris, creamy white rose, musk and patchouli. While that is a lot of ingredients, the overall fragrance is still light, pretty, and never overpowering. And when you smell it on your wrist, the fragrance has a hint of effervescence that I’ve always associated with Demeter.

Noteworthy is made without any artificial colors, binders or emulsifiers and contains no synthetic fragrance materials or Phthalates. It’s exclusively available on and you can find more info on



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