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Fall nail polishes are all over the place now and I for one could not be more excited about it.  I’m so ready for all of the darker colors and excited to see all the new shades. There’s really nothing more fun that new colors, is there?  Especially with nail polish because it tends to be cheaper than other products, so you can usually scoop up more colors than if you fell in love with, say, a pricy eyeshadow.  I recently got my hands on the new fall Zoya shades and they are so, so pretty.  They’re literally all worth scooping up – not a bad one in the bunch.  (And how often does that happen?!)  The Designer collection is made up of six cream shades that all just scream “Fall” to me. 

  • Rekha – A blood red cream
  • Toni – A dark maroon red cream
  • Monica – A dark mulberry purple cream
  • Natty – A smoked navy blue cream
  • Evvie – An evergreen green cream
  • Noot – A charcoal green gray cream

My two favorites in this collection are Natty, because it’s feeding my newly acquired blue obsession, and Noot, which is stunning on.  I love grays and I’m also always looking for a good dark green, so to combine the two makes me very happy.  But my true love in the Zoya fall colors lies in the Diva collection, a group of six metallics.  I love these shades so much that I can’t stop staring at them when they’re all lined up on my shelf.  They’re that pretty.  Here’s what you’ll find in that collection.

  • Elisa – A crimson red metallic
  • Suri – A royal purple metallic
  • Song – An Egyptian blue metallic with a subtle sparkle
  • Ray – A pine green metallic
  • FeiFei – A magic blue foil sparkle metallic
  • Daul – A magic violet foil sparkle metallic

The two standouts of an already amazing group are FeiFei and Daul.  I’ve been wearing FeiFei ever since I got it because I can’t get enough of it.  It’s so unique – I don’t have another shade in my stash that looks anything like it – and it’s gotten me comments from several of the different women at work who all want it too.  That’s the sign of a good color!  All these gorgeous shades are making the end of summer seem a lot less painful.  Bring on the sweaters and boots!

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