Beauty, MakeupHave you ever faked it?

I’m talking about with your lashes, of course.  But you’d be hard pressed to tell faux from vrai, with Benefit’s They’re Real! mascara.  Google image them and you will be amazed by the number of before/after pics showing their effect. I counted at least three pages of results before I trodded off to the bathroom to make a before/after of my own. My before: Stick-straight, thin, spidery lashes. And after: A glossy, lengthy, jet-black fringe of soft lashes that had several girlfriends demanding, “What new thing are you using for your lashes?” Benefit’s formula is nothing new, but I didn’t get a chance to try it until I stopped by Birchbox’s Sample Stop, back during Fashion Week, and grabbed one of the mini sizes for a travel vacation rainy day.

A favorite of Bachelorette Emily Maynard (R.I.P Jef, one f, and Emily), They’re Real’s wand is a spiky, fine bristled appendage, more like an inflexible toothbrush than a bendy straw, that allows you to literally brush through lift from root to lash tip. The bristles on the wand are so sharp that you do want to be careful, as a too-close wave near the eye, can result in a poke (ow.) But the long-wear results (so extreme that you wake up with perfect lashes from the night before) and wonderbra formula of this mascara, are so great you won’t care if anyone thinks you’re faking it. They’re Real is $23.


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