Beauty, SkincareIn Praise of Facial Mists (Really, Hear Me Out)

All right. I’ll admit it: facial mist sprays don’t exactly fall into the category of must have skincare. I always thought those Evian can toting gals looked a little silly misting themselves on summer days in Central Park. I even had a mini sample of the mineral water spray and it sat in my fridge for over a year before I finally tossed it. But these days, all of a sudden, I’m addicted. Addicted, I tell ya! And my new found appreciation for these (let’s be honest here) nice-to-have-if-you-already-have-everything-else products stems from the fact that I finally figured out how to use them correctly.

When I’m already sweaty, spraying some more water onto my face isn’t really helpful. But when the air turns cold and dry, these sprays actually help sooth and comfort skin immediately. I use mine right after showering and before I begin my morning regimen. Why not just hit the moisturizer instead, you ask? Well, I find that my skin is usually very dry and tight right after I shower and I crave something that will instantly add moisture without too much effort. But more importantly, I’ve unfortunately reached the stage where I need to start using serums. And retinals. And other products I’m trying out to ease those pesky smile lines. Most of these kinds of treatment products require that you apply them before your day cream but they themselves don’t contain any moisturizing properties, making the application (and waiting) process rather uncomfortable. However, I find that when I use a spray mist first, it’s so much easier to apply those wrinkle fillers and makes the process much more pleasant. I also feel like it helps the products absorb better as well, though scientific testing is needed to verify this one.

If you do buy a facial mist, however, I would recommend looking for one that has skin nourishing ingredients beyond just normal water. I personally love Caudalie’s Grape Water, which contains moisturizing polysaccharides and vitamins. Also on my bathroom counter is Clinique’s Moisture Surge Face Spray Thirsty Skin Relief, packed with aloe for extra soothing. Or try this herb infused version from Mario Badescu. And finally, if you want to try before you buy, here’s an easy recipe to make one at home.

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