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The thing about hair styling products is that I don’t really like them. Instead of helping me out, most of them actually end up making my hair a stiff or greasy mess. Now I’ll attribute to my inability to use them correctly, but the point is, you need skillz to use most hair products and I just don’t possess them. Oh — and not to mention, I don’t have extra time to be wrangling with pomades and sprays at 8 in the morning.

That’s why I was so delighted to discover Living Proof’s Prime Style Extender, which I’ll just refer to as a non-styling-product, styling product. What the Prime Style Extender does is to protect and extend your hairstyle in one easy step and without the need to fuss with anything else. You apply the product to just washed hair and then go about doing your tresses as usual. Whether you straighten it, blow dry it for volume, or curl it, the Prime Style Extender will hold the style — and they claim, for double the time of other products. Oh, and the best part? It feels like nothing is in your hair and you’ll never have to worry about accidentally putting too much on and getting an head of oily hair.

The way the product works is a proprietary molecule called OFPMA that creates a protective shield around every hair strand. The shield keeps hydrogen bonds in place (this is what gives your hair shape) and repels dirt and oil to keep your style from getting messed up by environmental factors. Being the skeptic I am when it comes to product claims, I actually curled my hair and applied the product to one side only. Sure enough, later on in the day, my curls were much bouncier and held its shape on the side with the primer and had dramatically fallen out on the side without.

Living Proof says that you can layer this under any product you want, but I don’t think I’ll need to touch another styling product again. $20 on

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