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I’m obsessed with MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Aqua Creams, so I was very excited to get my hands on the new Black Tango Palette.  The palette was inspired by their founder and creative director, Dany Sanz’s, love of Argentine Tango dancing, and contains four new limited-edition Aqua Cream shades – Black with Red Highlights, Black with Green Highlights, Black with Blue Highlights and Ivory.  I love a good smoky eye and these are perfect for creating one – you can either use only the Aqua Creams or you can layer them under powder shadow for an even more dramatic look.  I love these because once they’re on, they are totally budge-proof and can make it through even the longest day at work (and even drinks afterwards).  They’re also packed with pigmentation and are so much fun to play around with.  (And the palette is so chic with the lace fan on the cover!)  I need to find more places to wear a smoky eye!

MAKE UP FOR EVER also has a line of new lip products called Aqua Rouge that I’ve been testing out.  They’re basically like lip stains with gloss on the other end because their staying power is pretty incredible.  Each of the eleven shades is double-ended – one end has a doe foot applicator with the color and the other end has a brush with a clear gloss on it.  You apply the color first, then “lock it in” with the gloss end.  Once on, it’s there for HOURS.  I went almost my whole day at work before I had to reapply, and even then there was still some color left on my lips.  I really like the color selection too – there’s everything from subdued neutrals to bright reds, so you can use them for any occasion.  The only thing to be cautious of (like with all lip stains) is to make sure you apply it carefully because with their staying power, if you put color on outside of your lip line, it’s hard to get off.  (I have a tendency to mess up with reds the most and then I give myself Ronald McDonald mouth.  It’s annoying, but it makes me laugh every time).  You can find the Aqua Rouges exclusively at Sephora, so plan accordingly on your next trip there…

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