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I know we still have a little while to go before the holidays are officially here, but so far, I’m declaring Benefit Cosmetics the holiday winner because they just have so many different gift sets, it’s impossible not to find at least two (or three… or five…) that you have to take home with you.  (And let’s be honest, take home for yourself – none of this “gift” stuff!)  Here are my favorites of the sets I’ve tried so far.

High Flyin’ Glosses is a set of six different shades of the lip glosses that Benefit recently released.  They all match their popular powders of the same name – Coralista, Dallas, Bella Bamba, Dandelion, Hoola and Sugarbomb.  I was dying to try these when they came out and somehow didn’t get around to it, so this set is perfect for me since you get all of the shades in one.  (And for only $26!)  They’re obviously not full-sized tubes, but they’re still a generous size (and perfect to slip in your pocket).  What I like about the set is the variety of shades – everything from nude to pink to coral – but none of them are super bright so they’re all easy to pull off.  My favorite thing about sets like this is the way you can try a bunch of shades and figure out which one(s) you want to go buy the full-sized version of.  It’s a time and money saver!

If you travel a lot (or even are just flying somewhere for the holidays) She’s So…Jetset! is your must-buy.  It’s not too bulky, so easy to throw into your carry on, and it has everything you need to make yourself look presentable after a long flight.  (Or even a short one because let’s face it, flying is kind to no one these days).  There’s a mini The POREfessional primer, a First-Class Face Powder (with a brush!), a four shade neutral eyeshadow palette, a mini They’re Real! mascara, and a mini pinkish-coral gloss.  You could create an entire look using this palette (although you might want to also toss in some moisturizer or foundation, only because I can always use that on a plane).  But even if you’re not traveling, it’s worth it to pick one up just to have in your stash because complete kits in easy to wear, flattering shades aren’t all that easy to come by.  (Especially for only $36).

Continuing on with the travel theme, the last set I tried is called Sexy Little Stowaways and it’s chock full of travel-sized versions of their bestsellers that you can slip into your bag and take anywhere with you.  It’s seriously everything you could possibly ever want to play around with from the brand in these adorable mini-containers.  My favorites are the mini Cha Cha Tint and Sunbeam because they’re the perfect size to bring with you to work in case you need a touch up.  But I’m also really digging the tiny powders – Hoola and Bella Bamba – because the full-sized ones are too big to throw in my purse, but these fit perfectly.  If you wanted, you could also buy this set and split it up as a little extra something in other presents.  Or you could do what I’m doing and keep it all for yourself.  Either way!

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