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Urban Decay has three new palettes out for the holiday season – The Fun Palette, The Dangerous Palette and The Feminine Palette.  I’m always a fan of Urban Decay’s shadow collections and these are no different.  They all have distinct groupings of colors that let you create the sort of looks their titles imply and they come in small zippered cases, which is nice because not only can you tuck them in your bag easily, but you know the shadow isn’t going to get all over the place.  (It’s not just me that happens to, right?)

I tried out The Dangerous and The Fun palettes and I’m digging them both a lot.  My favorite is probably the Dangerous one, just because I’m really into a good smoky eye right now and this one has six shades perfect for creating a colorful one.  It also has Mushroom in it – it’s a pale greyish-taupe shimmer that’s one of my favorite shadows at the moment.  I’ve been wearing it constantly, so it’s nice to have a backup.  Other than Mushroom, the shades include a deep grey, a navy blue, a bronze, a dark purple and a deep green. Loads of fun colors to play around with!  The set also includes a tiny Lip Junkie Lip Gloss in Naked, a pinky beige, which is the perfect shade to pair with a dark eye.  Love this set!

The Fun Palette has a lot more “out there” colors in it – shades that you might wear one at a time with a neutral layered with it to keep the look daytime appropriate.  (Or you could go nuts if you’re heading out to a club and wear them all at the same time!)  It has bright shades of purple, pink and turquoise in it, with a light bronze, peach and old shade to accent the bolder colors.  It’s fun (hence the name!) when you’re looking to get a little more creative with your eye makeup.  It comes with a mini Midnight Cowboy gloss, a sheer nude sparkle that won’t compete with the bright shades on your eyes.

Love both of these!  Well worth picking up on your next trip to the store!

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  1. Vanessa  |  27 November 2012 at 8:09 PM

    GASP! I love the case for the Fun palette!

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