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A few weeks ago, Tone Skincare sent over their entire portfolio of body washes (thanks guys!). Being someone who loves bath products, I immediately lined up all the colorful bottles in a row in the shower, much to the dismay of my boyfriend who found his stuff (all 2 things) moved out of the shower to make room. Granted it’s not like I use all six body washes on any given day but a girl needs options within easy reach, especially since I found myself using a different one every day depending on my mood of the moment. If you’re anything like me and like a little variety in your bathing routine, read on to find out what products worked best for me:

If it’s a Sunday (or any day of the week after I indulged a little too much the pervious evening)…then I reach for the Daily Detox Purifying Body Wash with White Clay & Pink Jasmine. I reset my healthy living goals every Sunday (usually after a pretty indulgent Friday and Saturday) and love starting off the week with a little detox. This entails grabbing a green juice instead of a coffee, going on a morning jog, and opting for a detox shampoo and body wash to wash away impurities and rebalance my hair and skin. I love starting off the week on the right foot and the soft jasmine fragrance of the body wash help create a Zen shower experience.

If I‘m getting pumped up for a night out …then I reach for the Fruit Peel Body Wash with Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acids. I found this body wash to be the most stimulating in the entire portfolio partly because of the citrus blend in the formula. In addition to the energizing fragrance, the product contains alpha hydroxy fruit acids to help revive the skin and leave it soft and refreshed. Radiant skin, as you know, goes with any cute outfit.

If I’m feeling dry or itchy… then I go for the Soothing Body Wash with Oatmeal and Shea Butter. I’ve been using this one a lot during the transition months into winter. Both shea butter and oatmeal have incredible moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties and reduce itching and discomfit associated with dryness or irritants. In extreme cases, make a bath with a generous pour of the product for instant relief.

If I need a vacation… then I grab either the 7 Botancials Body Wash with Tahitian Vanilla & Orchid or the Cocoa Butter Body Wash with Mango Splash. Either one works. Both smell great and inspire daydreaming about my next tropical destination.

If I’m getting ready for a date or a romantic night in: then I’m prepping with the Vino Moisture Body Wash with Crushed Grape and Shea Butter. The sensual fragrance, gentle texture and luscious lather help set the mood for romance while crushed grapes, Vitamin E and shea butter make the skin kissably soft. Bonus tip: use as bubble bath and enjoy with a glass of actual vino.

The best part is that Tone body-washes retail for around $4 give or take $1 depending on where you buy. For that price, anyone can afford to have the whole wardrobe at their disposal for when any mood strikes! Be sure to follow us on @tdailyobsession as we give away some of our favorites!

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  1. Alexandra Crystal Victoria  |  28 November 2012 at 6:52 PM

    Oh I’ll love to have the Vino Moisture or Daily Detox! They appeal to me most and I do love feeling fresh and sultry with pampered skin. *sighs* 🙂

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