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When it comes to hair style, I’ve always been closer to Kate Middleton than Katy Perry on the scandal scale. Apart from my mom’s ‘Dance Mom’ fixation with forcing me to endure summer perms, a tangle with side bangs and an inadvised, Spring Break-like fling with orange highlights, my hair’s been nothing shocking. But guys, I caught my hair streeking the other day. Let me explain. Upon my last visit to Cutler, I told David Stanko that I wanted to shake things up. “I want color! Something cool and fun…like purple streaks! I don’t work in Corporate America anymore so my hair doesn’t have to look like it belongs in a boardroom or a useless conference call!”

Stanko happily indulged me and we drafted a plan to bleach a few locks in the base layer, so that highlights would peep through whenever I ardently tossed my hair or put my hair up. I was excited. (And then slightly grossed out when I saw how my bleached hair initially resembled sickly, stringy, Ursuala-like wizened sea aliens.) Stanko applied some Manic Panic Purple to them and once blow dried, looked like grapeade pops of delight. But sadly, because my initial hair color is so dark, the purple faded after a few washes.

But then I went streeking. Streekers are a hair mascara with a doe tip applicator that you can use to paint eight shades of royal blue, ultra purple, bright pink, and yellow directly onto your hair. The color payoff is so good that it is an exact match to the bottle. I’ve been using these to touch up the remaining purple to my hair. It washes out easily, doesn’t flake, and dries to a non-sticky finish. The lighter the hair, the more vibrant the color. A bottle retails for $11.95. Commence the hair whipping.

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