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Just finding a good double duty beauty product is hard enough, so imagine how excited I was when I was introduced to a quintuple (yes I did have to double check that word actually exists) duty product? I’m talking of course about Rahua’s classic conditioner, which I learned yesterday mid-blow out at Ion Salon, also works out of the shower as a leave in treatment, medium-hold styling agent, frizz controller, and shine and smoothing cream. The product is also recently reformulated to be gluten free for all you sensitive gals out there and lives true to Rahua’s lofty brand mission to “save the Amazon.” The founder of the brand, stylist Fabian Lliguin, has dedicated much of his life to humanitarian efforts in the Amazon region of his native Ecaudor and Rahua collaborates with local Amazonian tribeswomen to source ingredients, helping to create a sustainable business for the inhabitants.

Use my in-shower conditioner as a styling cream, you might ask? I was also surprised to learn this was possible as I have many unpleasant memories of times when I didn’t completely wash out my conditioner and suffered greasy, oily, matty and even sticky tresses as a result. It wouldn’t have ever crossed my mind to put that stuff back in my hair without the intention of completely rinsing it out. Why Rahua’s product works, I learned, is all in how they made it. Many conditioners on the market that use synthetic ingredients are designed to work on treating the hair within the first minute of use. After that optimal treatment time, the products can actually start to have undesirable side effects, as you would know if you ever left the products in your hair for too long. Rahua, however, uses 100% natural ingredients that is specially mixed and formulated to treat hair both immediately as well as continuously throughout the day without ever becoming sticky or unpleasant. When using Rahua’s Conditioner as a styling cream, however, be sure to use a smaller amount and only on the ends. The brand recommends completely washing out the product when using as a conditioner in the shower, and then reapply when using as a styling cream later.

I tried it myself yesterday and my hair has never felt softer or healthier. The full size retails for $34 but you just want to test it out first, the brand also seels a mini version for only $9.

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