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ONE:  Redken For Men Clean Brew Extra Cleansing Shampoo — Most guys can be a little clueless about products, but really appreciate it when you upgrade them to something nicer than what they usually use, even if that something is meant for every day grooming. Plus, I don’t know any dude that doesn’t love a good beer. So if you combine the two — luxurious product and a good beer — you get Redkens Clean Brew Extra Cleansing Shampoo. Because you know, Grit Happens. But Redken’s anti grit technology, with a premium blend of malt, brewer’s yeast and orange zest, will fix that. This sleek shampoo easily removes styling product buildup from clays or waxes (and those not-so-luxurious products) that our guys have learned to love. – Liz

TWO: Prismera Design Bull Bottle Opener – How handsome is this little guy? This bottle opener features beautifully carved wood, paired with brass horns and a leather tail – perfect for opening his (and your) alcoholic drink of choice throughout the year. Connie

THREE: ZoraaB Kit – So Ryan Gosling isn’t the man in your life — and the last hot date you had was when you went to see Magic Mike with your girlfriends. I feel you. But even if the man in your life turns out to be a lovably cantankerous little brother or an adorably “You don’t have to get me a gift” dad, the problem with shopping for dudes is that they don’t need anything. Am I right? So, in cases like this, you have to be a little bit of a Shopping Miss Cleo and intrinsically figure out what it is the dude in your life needs. And I’m here to tell you that the answer is socks. Yes, socks. I’m not talking about regular, old tube socks though. I’m talking about exaggerated polka dots, fine swiss miss dots, and bright yellow socks emblazoned with mustaches. New retail start-up ZoraaB has captured this concept, setting up an e-commerce store dedicated exclusively to men’s socks. The offerings all range in the under $30 range, curated to pick only the funnest, coolest, and most stylish socks. And if you think your man deserves a constant supply of socks, their subscription service (the ZoraaB Kit) sends over 2,3, or 5 monthly pairs dependent upon his style profile. So sock it to him, he won’t know what’s coming. Kathleen 



FOUR: Giles & Brother Men’s Leather ID Wrap Bracelet — Why should girls get to have all the fun with arm swag and whatnot? Let the guy in your life into the party with this leather wrap ID bracelet that’s simultaneously classic enough for a conservative guy, yet cool enough for his trend-loving counterparts. However, when gifting this, make sure you avoid calling it a “mangle.” The proper term , according to the New York Times at least, is “wristwear.” Carolyn

FIVE : The Maccallan  — You can never go wrong with a classy bottle of liquor. I suggest refining his palate with the taste of Macallan, which just so happens to be my favorite Scotch. Matured for at least 12 years in Spanish oak casks, and handcrafted and sherry-seasoned in Jerez, Spain, this bottle contains mellow flavors of dried fruit, spice and chocolate orange. The flavor is also girl-friendly, which means you can help him finish the bottle during long, leisurely fireside chats. (Of course, if you really want to make an impression, you can always spring for the Sherry Oak 18 Years Old, $149.99.) Charli

SIX: Mr Porter Gift Card — Full disclosure: I’m currently trying to turn my man into a Mr. Porter man. As a sartorially-clueless boy from the South (whose idea of getting me hyped up to visit his hometown this Christmas was to play me some “redneck music” on YouTube — his words, not mine), it took a little bit of persuasion to convince him that the Mr. Porter man is in fact, the best kind of man to be: stylish, confident, savvy, and smart. Of course, there’s more steps to achieving this than buying clothes and accessories, but a makeover is not a bad place to start. And once the fine menswear started rolling in, wrapped inside an beautiful oversized shopping bag, complete with personalized stickers and message cards, he started realizing that this was actually a good way to be. No doubt, the men in your life will also agree. Carolyn

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