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I’m about to get personal for a second. I do love a good wax (everyone has their reasons; for me, I just don’t like hair) but it can be hard to find a place that’s not awkward, clinical, or just too-serious. I also love painlessness (as close as you can get), easy-going aestheticians, a fun space, and during the winter months —  some good holiday cheer. A couple weeks ago I finally had the chance to try out Strip: Ministry of Waxing — which checked off all of those aforementioned good qualities — and had just introduced its seasonal Gingerbread Cookie Wax, freshly imported from across the pond. No before/after pictures, but a report on the experience is below:

Strip has a sense of humor which is much appreciated since waxing can be a bit of an uncomfortable experience. The space is cheerful (see image below) and peppered with cheeky posters and funny pictures interspersed between cool artwork. Most of the time I don’t usually bust out the iPhone to take pictures at a waxing salon, but I did find myself snapping away at posters like this one.

I showed up ten minute late for my appointment but was instantly accommodated without any extra rush. Treatment rooms were comfortably sized and even had their own lockers so I didn’t have to pile my clothes on top of my purse in a corner. I’m always checking for cleanliness (for obvious reasons) and found the space to be spotless. Fresh towels were laid out on the bed along with a squeeze toy (for pain, but you won’t need it) and an antibacterial wipe for extra hygiene. Oh– and the most important thing: no double dipping! I’m always paranoid about this when I’m checking out a new salon so I was very relieved to learn that Strip is very strict about this hygiene rule.

Strip only uses hard wax for the bikini area, which I’ve determined (after having tried it all) to be more painless than soft wax or even sugaring. The reason is that hard wax doesn’t adhere to the skin so you don’t have to worry about getting a layer of dermis removed with your hair. The wax is also not as hot when it’s applied, making it ideal for the sensitive area. Also, there’s no mess or stickiness afterwards since the wax hardens and peels right off leaving behind no residue. As for the Gingerbread Cookie part — odds are, you won’t be able to smell it as it’s being used, but if you do lean over the pot, it does have a light sugary, spicy scent. The entire procedure lasted under 10 minutes, my therapist was friendly, professional and quick — a stellar experience all around. And don’t forget the gingerbread cookies (real ones) on your way out.

A Brazilian at Strip is $65 and the Gingerbread Cookie Wax is available through the holidays.

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