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SW Basics Lip Balm Flights

I buy so many “big” name brand makeup and body care items that one of my favorite things is when I can discover a smaller, more indie brand that isn’t in every single store yet.  It feels like a great achievement, like I’m in on a secret that the rest of the world doesn’t know yet.  (Plus, it always feels good supporting smaller businesses).  My newest band obsession is S.W. Basics of Brooklyn.  All of their products are made in small batches by actual people (imagine that!) in Brooklyn and they’re ethically sourced with holistic ingredients.  It’s so nice to know that what you’re putting on your body doesn’t have any chemical or “bad” ingredients.  As the company says, their products are “super-simple, pared down blends of the absolutely essential ingredients needed for effective, truly all-natural skincare.” 

S.W. Basics Body ScrubI tried out a couple of their products and I’m totally, totally obsessed with the Body Scrub.  It smells AMAZING.  Seriously, I don’t even know how to put into words how amazing the scent is, other than to say that every single time I open the jar, I just want to dip a spoon in and eat it.  The only ingredients in it are organic demerara sugar, organic shredded coconut and organic coconut oil, which is probably why it smells like the most delicious coconut cake you’ve ever tasted.  To use it, you just take a scoop of it out of the jar and scrub it into your wet skin, letting it lather up a little.  (This also lets the product left in the jar stay fresher longer, since you’re not getting it wet too).  I love that the scrub exfoliates my skin without being too harsh and it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling afterwards.  (It also doesn’t get all over the floor of the bathtub and make me slip, a fact that makes me very happy seeing as how much of a klutz I am).  I’ll definitely be reordering this one after my original jar is gone.

I also tried out their Lip Balms, which are available in four different flavors – Cinnamon, Citrus, Cocoa and Peppermint.  They’re fabulously moisturizing without being waxy, plus the scents, as you might imagine from the scrub, are delicious.  I just want to lick it off my lips every time I put them on!  Plus, they’re super cheap, so you can stock up and keep them every place you might need one (or two!) like your car, your purse, your gym bag…  That way, you’ll never have to worry about being out and having to deal with chapped lips.  So nice to cross that off my list of things to think about!  Now I can’t wait to try the rest of their products!


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