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One of my go-to brands for serious skincare during the winter is Vaseline (their classic Petroleum Jelly to spot treat chapped lips/hands/elbows/heels, anyone?) I love that it’s no-nonsense and highly effective, but when it comes to keeping me nourished from head to toe, obviously I can’t be applying that everywhere. Instead, these days I’m opting for their Vaseline Intensive Rescue line of lotions which utilize a moisturizing technology to penetrate the layers of skin to repair and keep it feeling comfortable and hydrated. Because this technology is designed actually to heal from within, instead of just create a barrier on top of it, you can actually start seeing natural changes to your skin after only a few uses. In fact, the lotion is proven to relieve dry skin after just one use and help heal dry skin in just three days.

I teamed up with Vaseline to give their Intensive Rescue Repairing Moisture cream a try, and so far I’ve been using it at home in the evenings. I would classify the texture right out of the bottle as medium weight, so you’ll need to give it a good massage when you apply. However, as you rub the product into your skin, the lotion absorbs quickly and almost seems to change to a more watery texture, hence leaving a really clean, non-greasy finish. During the winter, I have very dry and itchy skin and the lotion relieved the irritation just minutes after application.

But how will the product fare outdoors in the harsh elements? To find out, Vaseline is sending me out to Bryant Park Citi Pond for an afternoon of skating. I’ll be bundling up – not just in a puffy jacket and wool scarf – but also protecting my skin with a hearty application of Vaseline (petroleum jelly on the lips, Intensive Rescue Repairing Moisture everywhere else). A full detailed report to come! In the meantime be sure to follow me at @tdailyobsession and Vaseline at @VaselineBrand for some real time updates.

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