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DiamondsDogs, diamonds of colorless clarity, someone who indulges in our craziest moments (recently: “Umm I don’t want to be dramatic or anything but I think my new mirror is a fat mirror and it is ruining my life.”): things that are a girl’s best friend. And an addendum to that list is L’Oreal’s Million Lashes Diamond Mascara, which combines, well, one of the aforementioned things (sorry, but adorable puggle not included with purchase) and brings it up to your lashes. Painting your lashes with this brush is a joy. The wand, which in my opinion, makes/breaks a mascara, is sturdy, bristled little thing, that’s like a fine tooth comb or round brush for your lashes. That is, if your regular, old hairbrush was able to plump up your lashes, provide incredible definition (we’re talking every single lash–even the itty bitty ones) and effortlessly distinguish each one from its neighbor.

My normal mascara routine? A minute, tops. But I once overheard a certain famous girl-about-town who detailed that her makeup routine involves taking 10 minutes to individually paint each lash. Talk about dedication. Now with this mascara, I’m not at the 10 minute mark, yet. But I’m easily getting to the 5 minute mark, because this lovely formula is so buildable that I’m amazed at how my lashes look better with each subsequent coat. As far the diamonds go–they’re there, sparkling and jazzing up the soot black formula, with tiny flecks of silver glitter catching the light. It’s not an overt effect — but you’ll still shine bright like a diamond.


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