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Every year, my skin is a super freak in the winter. It’s dry, it’s oily, it’s acne-prone, it’s all over the place — which is why I’m so glad Elave Skincare showed up in my mailbox! Originally conceived as a post-surgery treatment line by one of Ireland’s oldest pharmaceutical companies, it’s now one of Ireland’s top lines and fave of celebrity makeup artist Jemma Kidd. I can see why.

The Oil-Free Skin Balancing Cleansing Gel and Moisturizer, each $32, leave my skin feeling perfectly balanced and refreshed, and they are fragrance-free (always a plus in my book). They also contain Manuka honey, an anti-inflammatory/antibiotic agent. Formulated for sensitive skin types, Elave products are free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, alcohol, lanolin, formaldehyde and dyes.

There are 10 Elave products in the Elave Facial Range (for the face and neck), ranging in price from $8-$40. They even make baby cream. You can find Elave Skincare at Duane Reade Look Boutiques, Walgreens Look Boutiques, and

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  1. Jessica  |  31 December 2012 at 4:09 PM

    This looks good! I just got an anti-aging kit from Apothederm and this would be good to add also.

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