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I’m always most excited to write about new products that I’ve discovered, tried, and loved. Finding something (especially skincare) that really works is one of those rare things, that when it does happen, us beauty bloggers feel the need to tell everyone and anyone that will listen about its life-changing properties. The latest product on my bathroom counter that has been getting a lot of love is Algenist’s Concentrated Reconstructing Serum, which I fully credit for transforming my tight, dull (and even a tad wrinkly) patches into soft, radient, and smoother skin.

The Algenist Reconstructing Serum contains a slew of anti-aging ingredients. The heart of the formulation is alguronic acid, a bioactive compound derived from algae that helps simulate and promote cell regeneration. The product promotes the growth of new cells and shed old, damaged cells to improve skin texture, even skin tone, boost radiance  and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In addition to this proprietary compound, the serum also contains a peptide (a protein that instructs skin cells to do certain things i.e. produce collagen) and an algae based alternative to retinoid. 

With all those ingredients in the serum, I was a little nervous that it might actually irritate my skin. Instead, I found that my skin really took to the product and the serum greatly helped to soothe the skin immediately and alleviate the feeling of tightness that I have in the morning. Obviously I had no problem incorporating it into my daily routine. About a week or so of consistent use, I started to notice that a particularly troublesome area (the area right around the laugh lines) was starting to look smoother and a lot of the finer lines in the area appeared less prominent. Was I dreaming? There was only one way to find out — continue using the product. Now weeks in and half a bottle down, I’m happy to report that the product really has transformed my skin, making it look and feel more supple, smooth and radient. At $95 a bottle, a new (and expensive) beauty habit is born, but for an anti-aging product that really works, it’s totally worth it.

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