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Glow, gleam, alive, bright, beaming, lustrous, luminosity — there is a reason why the beauty industry has so many synonyms for, well, “looking good.” Because, “No, I’d like to look lifeless, dull, and unhealthy,” said no one ever. Add all the synonyms I named above with any other ones you can throw from, to describe the effects of CARGO’s HydraBronze. I’m a little frightened by the reckless abandon with which I swipe this on my face (we’re talking, wildly, all over), but it’s so good that just when I think I’ve had enough, I go back. And back, and back. And it just continues to look good, and possibly even better and better throughout the day. It especially looks great in photos, and by that, I mean Instagram, because are there any other photos being taken nowadays? It slyly sculpts cheekbones and contours your face. Most importantly, despite its powder formulation, it dries to a velvety, powder finish that hydrates the skin, in a soft, bronze that chameleon-like, complements every skin tone.

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