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4d09c8d7b6350d7f3c8dbf23fffdeeda61e0b03fOne of my new year’s beauty resolutions is to start actually bringing my real life more closely to my Pinterest life. That means, that Funfetti cake bar? Bringing it to my Superbowl party. That DIY trick for using old candle glasses to hold all my makeup brushes? Already done and in my bathroom cabinet. Those long bobs and Karlie Kuts keep enviously pinning? Bringing them to my hairstylist appointment tomorrow. And those 53 pins of ‘Fancy Occasion Hair‘? Well…getting there. But I’ll be one step closer using these Goody Spin Pins, the magic hairstyling tool that renders bobby pins and elastics completely unnecessary. The two spins are identical corkscrew pins that you twist in opposite directions to invisibly hold an updo in place. The secret in its secure placement is twisting each pin at opposite poles–you’ll want to twist one pin from the top of an updo and another coming from the bottom. And then, presto! Instant magic secureness of a chic chignon. In this case, there are no strings, Pinocchio, it really is just that easy. To make it look even more effortless, the pins can in a variety of colors, so they blend in with brunette or blonde hair.

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  1. Lindsay  |  25 January 2013 at 3:28 PM

    These are my absolute most favorite thing ever. They are all over my apartment! Glad to hear my love isn’t alone 🙂

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