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Editor’s Note: When we first started TDO some 7+ years ago, we were all still in high school (ok not really, but it certainly feels that way looking back). Now our set of editors and contributors are all scattered around the country kicking ass in life and career: some with their own successful businesses, many married, all well traveled and with a lot of experience and stories to share. Needless to say, we’ve grown up quite a bit over the majority of the past decade and the content on TDO has also reflected the shift in our interests as we move through different stages and milestones in our lives. This week, we’re excited to bring on a new contributor, Grace, recently a mom and likely the most stylish one you’ll meet. She’ll be blogging about beauty, fashion and lifestyle from her point of view and we could not be more excited to have her on board! 

elemisWhen I found out I was pregnant, the thought immediately popped into my head that bikini days would be over for good (along with adult conversations, travel, and spontaneous dinners).  Fortunately, beauty-saavy friends pointed me to Elemis’ Japanese Camellia Oil and alerted me to the fact that Victoria Beckham also used it during all her pregnancies. At first, I thought I might prefer a cream to an oil, but I found that the product absorbs beautifully and softens as it works. Most importantly, I didn’t have to worry about anything harsh going through my skin, because it’s a fine blend of Japanese camellia extract and sweet almond oil, free from parabens, SLS, SLES, DEA, mineral oils, artificial colors and silicones.

It soon became a ritual and a luxury to apply the oil twice daily (particularly nice after showering) as I watched my belly grow… and start to move!  I’m convinced my baby loved the in utero massage. Though I was turned onto the product originally because it promised to combat stretch marks, I soon started applying it everywhere on my body, even on my nails. Despite my liberal use of the oil, only a small amount is needed to get the job done — I got through nine months with one bottle, zero stretch marks (Ed. note: so lucky!!!), and even have enough left to moisturize this winter. Now for those other excuses not to get into a swimsuit…

$48 at Nordstrom.

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