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AlbaWelcome back! I hope everyone had a relaxing, lovely holiday! I spent most of mine sharing my newest beauty finds with my mom, getting bossed around in the kitchen by my chef-in-training brother, and watching YouTube videos with my dad. Oh yea — and recovering from having a little bit, too good of a time yesterday. Let’s just say that when I returned back to my apartment on what was officially, New Year’s Day, I was not in the place of mind to go through my normal 4-step bedtime skincare routine. Fortunately, I did have enough of my wits about me to grab Alba Botanica Hawaiian 3-in-1 Clean Towlettes. Makeup remover cloths–usually not my thing. My skin just doesn’t feel truly clean unless I’m splashing water on it. But in a pinch, these towlettes make my skin feel as clean as it can, despite not having any water nearby. With an alcohol-free formula, with a faintly sweet pineapple scent, these gentle wipes both remove makeup and contain enzymes to break down oil and grime. With zero post-use sticky residue, these generously-sized towels were gentle enough to remove all of my makeup, while keeping all of my just-applied eyelash extensions intact. And I was able to sleep easy, knowing I hadn’t broken any of my cardinal beauty rules.

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