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purityWell here’s a little secret: you know that elusive “pregnancy glow” everyone talks about? I got mine from a bottle… partially at least. Let me explain: my facial skin condition is already frustratingly fickle (definitely the opposite of “glow”), and when I became preggers last year with hormonal changes to boot, my facial cleanser kicked me to the curb and left me desperately seeking something to adapt to my skin’s new needs.

Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple cleanser came on my radar, and after just trying it a couple times, I was sold.  Just a pea size amount of the milky dew left my skin feeling clean (without any residue like overly “moisturizing” cleansers tend to leave) but not bone dry. It does its job controlling my T-zone while nourishing my cheeks, and I didn’t feel any buildup. Natural oil extracts help condition skin so it’s healthy and primed for moisturizing. Within a few days, my blemishes cleared up and my skin finally gave way to a bit of that elusive “pregnancy glow!”  The scent is light and clean since it’s fragrance-free, without the heavy floral or fruity stuff.

I’m big on efficiency especially in the morning when every last second of sleep is precious, so the all-in-one cleanser, toner, and light moisturizer is perfect. After a long day, face and eye makeup is simply whisked away after an evening rinse. It’s gentle enough to use a couple times a day since it contains soothing sage, chamomile, and carrot extracts.  Now that my baby is almost ten months old, I’m still joined at the hip with Philosophy and even gifted some to other girlfriends who have now been converted!


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