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dr hauschka rose day creamIt was one snowy December evening about five years ago that I first discovered Dr. Hauschka’s skincare line in the window of a beautiful vintage pharmacy in the middle of Hamburg. As I listened to the perfectly manicured aesthetician extol the virtues of Dr. Hauschka’s meticulously formulated creams in her German accent, I knew I had stumbled onto something special.  My skin was chapped and windburned when I walked in, and almost instantaneously after applying Rose Day Cream I felt soothed and rejuvenated. When I returned into the cold howling night winds, moisture was sealed in tight and my skin felt impervious to the elements!

Now many winters later, I’ve rediscovered the cream and reuniting with it feels just as good. Only a small amount is needed because the product is so rich and the one-ounce tube will last for the entire season. Extracts of rose petal, rose hip, marshmallow, St. John’s wort and avocado help soothe chapped and irritated skin. Despite the name, I actually prefer to apply the cream after a warm shower in the evening and leave it on overnight to sink in and nourish. The product isn’t called Rose Cream for nothing —  each tube requires thirty of the flowers to formulate!  The special ingredient is called Rosa Damascena and is collected from the velvety coating on fresh rose petals (think about how luxurious it feels to run your fingers over a rose petal) to form a light and breathable barrier that protects your skin. Dr. Hauschka brings quality face care to a whole new level, which explains its overwhelming popularity in Europe that is catching on quickly stateside!

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