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Whenever I see Curtis Kulig’s “Love Me’ graffiti tag, I’m reminded of JNCO jeans (the “designer” denim of the time), dancing wildly in my room as a teenager, watching repeat viewings of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Romeo + Juliet, and listening to the soundtrack (Garbage–they were so good) with The Cardigan’s Lovefool. Love me, love me…say that you love me. In the spirit of that carefree era of my life, comes Smashbox Cosmetic’s latest collaboration, a collection meant to celebrate love: the love of makeup, the love of art, and the love of creativity. Each piece of the Love Me collection features what the they fondly dub “curt-sive,” with Curtis’s tag laser-etched into blush compacts, eyeshadow pans, and into the sides of lipsticks.  My favorite in the collection are the lipsticks–glossy, generously pigmented lipsticks in the signature, tug-your-heartstrings, romantic, signature red. True to Smashbox form, they’re long wear and instantly brighten up your face.

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