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As you may already know, Girls star (and my personal beauty crush) Allison Williams is the new face of Simple Skincare, and honestly I can’t think of a better person for the job — her vibe is totally in sync with the holistic approach of the beauty brand and well, her skin is just amazing. Next week Allison will debut a new nationwide TV ad for Simple but you can already get a preview of it on Simple Skincare’s Facebook page. I’ll never tire of seeing her on screen!

I was also given the amazing opportunity to chat with Allison over the phone for an interview for The Daily Obsession. Read on below for skincare and wellness tips from Allison (obviously I’ve already started incorporating all of them into my own daily routine).

TDO: What is the most important think you do for your skin given your busy and stressful schedule?

Allison Williams: The biggest beauty tip ‘ve taken into adulthood is just to remove makeup before you go to bed. I take off my makeup at the end of the day while I’m still on set and we’ve wrapped for the day. I grab Simple’s Exfoliating Wipes to remove everything at once and then use the new Eye Makeup Removing Pads. They’re so so good and easy to use and by the time I get in my car to go home after work, my makeup is already off and my face is clean and I don’t have to worry about it.

TDO: How would you say your style in real life compares to that of your character on Girls?

AW: I would consider my personal style is classic but appropriate and Marnie, I would say, is doing a bit of reaching in her shopping by shopping for items that are 10-15 years a little too mature. I would also say that Marnie wears clothing for another kind of life and another kind of industry. When she was working in an art gallery, she wore things that you would see an older woman wear to an office environment. She was working in a very creative place where she could wear anything she wanted yet she was wearing suits and always had her hair done just right. So I think we’re a little bit different in that way but I do think there’s probably a point in our lives where our styles will link up at some point but I just don’t think it’s right now.

TDO: How do you maintain balance in your life?

AW: Balance is one of the most important factors in keeping sanity and that’s not something I realized until recently when everything became a balancing act because my life is moving very quickly now — all good things, just that there’s a lot of them. One of the things I try to do is ground myself every morning right after I wake up and every  night before I go to sleep and quiet down and shut off for a second and relax — and it makes everything else throughout the day a little less stressful. I think that’s very very grounding — I try not to look at my phone once I’m in bed. If I read, that’s fine but other than that just to relax a bit. Having this routine helps to mitigate all the stressful factors that happen in the middle of the day.

TDO: Are you doing anything for Fashion Week and what are you most excited to see for fall?

AW: I am only going to go to one show –I don’t think I can say which one yet — (Ed. note: looks like it was Jason Wu!) but I am going to a show and I am very excited  and then unfortunately I have to go away so I’m going to miss the vast majority of Fashion Week but I’ll definitely be hitting “Refresh” on all the fashion blogs. I love fashion shows — I think they’re beautiful and dramatic and over way too quickly! I’m still learning a lot about fashion so I really love watching all these beautiful clothes walk in such an amazing procession. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s coming out in the fall — I don’t really know what’s coming out yet and I guess we’ll know more after next week.


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