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Redken CurvaceousIt only took me 28 years, but I’ve finally figured out my hair’s personality. And unsurprisingly, she was like me all along. She’s cranky in the morning before her pick-me-up (in my case, green tea, in her case, a little hair oil), looks best when she doesn’t put a lot of thought into it, is comfortable switching it up (straight/curly, creative/analytical, high/low) and requires a little discipline. For me, that means a little working out, but for my hair, that means Redken’s Curvaceous Wind Up spray, a curl activating spray so easy to use that it feels like a disservice to include it in the same sentence as “maintenance.” Unlike other curl lines which use words like “tame” or “control,” Redken’s Curvaceous line is meant to let your curl, like your heart, run free. They don’t do crunchy textures, all the products are light and meant to embrace your hair’s natural texture. I’m an odd candidate for the line, since my hair is naturally stick straight with a bit of natural curl that builds the more “natural” (aka in-between washings) my hair becomes. But it’s a testament to how versatile and great the line is that I’m able to use it even as I’m not even technically curly haired. Wind It Up is meant to “release” the natural curl of your hair when it gets dampened by environmental factors or the natural course of the day. I like to use mine straight out of the shower, when my hair is at its straightest, spritz some on the ends and twist it up into a bun, after lightly towel drying. Once it’s completely dry, it helps my hair to get that natural, effortless, slightly wavy bedhead that I love.

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