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avedaIt’s so easy to forget how much we have to be thankful for, when we’re rushing around in our metropolis with the daily grind and complaining about cold coffee (guilty!). Once in a while, a moment comes by and puts everything in perspective. This week, in anticipation of Earth Month, that moment came in the form of a simple candle, Aveda’s Light the Way Candle. 100% of the purchase price is donated to the Global Greengrants Fund, which tackles pressing environmental problems. Aveda’s partnership with Global Greengrants started over six years ago, and together they have funded clean-water projects which have affected communities worldwide.

The candle is a joy- I find that a few minutes with a candle and a warm cup of tea can be as rejuvenating as a nap, and the spicy aroma does wonders for the senses. It is Madagascar-inspired, blended with certified organic essential oils including vanilla, cinnamon and ylang-ylang, all sourced from Madagascar.

Who knew that a little candle could be so good to our planet? The candle carton is decorated with artwork made by students of the Association School in Ampasimanjeva, Madagascar, a village that has received two Global Greengrants Fund grants for water projects. The children, who previously had drunk from a dirty, crocodile-infested river, created drawings to show how their lives changed after the community built a safe community water source close to home. The candle itself is held in 100% reclaimed glass bottles, and the cute carton is from 70% scrap paperboard – I call it ultimate recycling! Aveda is committed to raising $5 million in April 2013 for the clean water fund, so let’s work together to make it happen!

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