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urban decay oz the great and powerful palettes

Do you have a hatred of tiny, yappy dogs and getting lost in the rain, and a love of red lipstick and Rihanna? Or are you more into sparkle, princess dresses, dogs you can fit into your purse, and Taylor Swift? Be careful how you answer: Your response may indicate whether you’re more of a good or a bad witch. Or, more simply, you can take a look at Urban Decay’s duo-personality themed makeup palettes, created to celebrate the launch of Walt Disney’s Oz: The Great and Powerful to determine whether you’re more of the green or fair complexioned type. If your eye is drawn towards brown smoky tones, mossy greens, topped off by a fiercely, glossy merlot red lip, you may be a Theodora or a Mila Kunis-type. If you love metallics, shimmery champagnes and pinks, and pop purple, you may be a Glinda or a Michelle Williams-type. Each of Urban Decay’s palettes contains 6 wells of character-driven eyeshadow color, including a glossy lip pencil and an insert showing how to replicate the movie’s signature looks. So have at it– it’s good to be bad and it can be bad to be good.

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