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ascentaWhen it comes to beauty supplements, my feelings towards them can be summed up with one sound: meh. For the most part, dermatologists and nutritionists have confirmed that vitamin waters and anti-aging pills don’t really work so I’m always skeptical when I see another fruity concoction promising to erase wrinkles and clear skin. However, experts do agree that the one exception is marine fatty acids, such as Omega-3 and Omega-6, which have been proven to have all kinds of health benefits from protecting your heart to treating rheumatoid arthritis and even depression (in fact, you can even get a prescription strength dose of Omega 3 pills). So when I learned about Ascenta Skin, the new beauty supplement that is composed of various Omega acids and fish oils, I was pretty willing to give it a try — and, as it turns out, I’m never going back to the regular ol’ vitamin shop pills.

Ascenta Skin is the beauty arm of Ascenta Health, the leading manufacturer of natural health supplements in Canada. Unlike the usual Omega 3 pills, Ascenta Skin is composed of a mixture of fish oils, borage seed oil, and antioxidants that are specially combined to maximise benefits for skin health and beauty. For example, the EPA and DHA found in the fish oil are proven to protect skin against inflammation and UV damage and the GLA in the borage oil helps to retain moisture and reduce dry skin. The product is also infused with Vitamin D, which is important for overall skin health but only comes from being in the sun (a big no.)

In terms of taste, Ascenta Skin is far more pleasant than any other kind of fish oil I’ve tried on the market. The actual fishy taste of the oil is incredibly faint (but still there if you’re very sensitive) and the product has been accented with a bit of pomegranate to produce a mild, but pleasant scent. The product comes in a liquid format so there’s no need to worry about swallowing a big pill, and best of all, there is no aftertaste. A bottle goes for $80 and lasts a month — not the cheapest product on the market, but hey — what other beauty product you use can also improve your overall health, inside and out?

$80 at SpaceNK.

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