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baborAs the seasons change, so does my skin, going from parched winter skin to a bit more oily the warmer it becomes. Transitions are particularly tricky as pores awaken and need a little extra TLC.  Babor’s Cleansing Gel and Tonic 2-in-1 is both a time-saver and a skin-saver! I first came across Babor in a luxurious European spa years ago and I appreciate that their line is evolving to meet skincare needs while maintaining top quality and integrity in formulations. As experts in the professional cosmetics industry (they’ve earned the title after over 50 years in the business!), they understand treating the mind and body with luxury and innovation.

If you are prone to the occasional blemish like I am, you’ll love the cleansing properties that combat impurities to keep the bad stuff out (it’s naturally antibacterial!) to result in visibly clean and soft skin. The active ingredients, pansy extract and salicylic acid, are gentle enough to be used once or twice daily, working especially well if you have makeup to remove. I quickly realized after my first use that the thinner consistency makes sense due to the toner being integrated. I squirt a palmful out and then work it into a nice lather with a touch of water, then apply using fingertips in a circular motion. I guarantee you’ll feel refreshed within seconds, and it seems to do a number on minimizing my pores as well. It’s perfect for my “fickle” skin, which I call my combination skin when it can’t make up its mind whether to be dry, normal, or a touch oily. I noticed right away that my skin looked more radiant and felt smoother, and was primed perfectly for moisturizer. Hello spring, hello new skin!


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