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chanelWe’re definitely a bit of a lipgloss kick here at TDO — there are simply too many new spring colors and collections that are just too pretty not to write about. Our latest find comes from the beauty brand we’re always obsessed with — CHANEL — which launched a limited edition shade for spring called Attirance. As part of the Rogue Allure Extrait de Gloss collection, the product is housed in a heavyweight black tube inspired by Chanel’s iconic lipsticks. The regal and formal nature of the packaging belies the product inside — the gloss itself is very smooth and silky and this color in particular has a lightness to it that makes it perfect for warmer days ahead.

Though described as a coppery-beige, I actually found the color to be more of a golden peach as there is none of that dense flatness I usually tend to find with both copper and beige. The formulation is sheer and lets the natural color of your lips show through, adding dimension and a subtle, beautiful sparkle. As one would expect from Chanel, there is no grittiness or glitter to the product, instead the fine gold sparkle is encapsulated in a moisturizing and silky gloss. The color can be worn on its own for those who prefer a natural look, or layered over color to help enhance the shape and fullness of the lip. In fact, this is that perfect shade to gloss to dabble on the center of the lips to add fullness regardless of any color lipstick underneath. My preference, however, is just to let the product shine on its own, and as the day gets sunnier and my makeup turns more natural, this will be the perfect gloss to carry over into summer beach days and bonfire nights. $32 at 

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