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Jouer PinkThe idea of anything that is “same size, same color suits/fits all” almost always falls short of its promise and logic. There are over 7 billion people on Planet Earth, so unless a lipstick or pair of thong underwear can magically transmute to become something different for every person of different skintone or body type….well, you get the idea. But every once in a while, these things do magically appear. Think MAC’s legendary Ruby Woo, Rag and Bone jeans and to that, I’m adding Jouer Cosmetic’s lipgloss in Birchbox Pink. Jouer Cosmetic’s lip gloss is already a sheer, moisturizing, comforting kiss on the lips, but in a bright fuchsia shade, instantly transforms you into a more alive,    vibrant something of yourself (sort of like me, after a Pablo Honey tequila cocktail or two.) Birchbox, the original purporter of the beauty subscription box, created this shade in their signature pink, in conjunction with Jouer Cosmetics. This is the kind of lip gloss I swipe all over my lips while on the go, while walking, before arriving at my destination, but still looks beautiful, no matter how carelessly I apply it. On me, it looks like a mix between a dusty rose/bright pink. On my friend Jaimie, with mediterranean skin tones, it comes out like a sienna pink with a hint of brightness. And on my friend, Jennifer, with pale Irish coloring, it comes out more true to the color in the tube, a flash of just bitten, technicolor pink. It may defy logic, but all I know is that Jouer’s Birchbox Pink doesn’t fall short if its that “looks good on everyone” promise.

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