FashionObsessed? You’re Not Alone


When my partner-in-blogging-crime Connie came up with the name “The Daily Obsession” for our site seven years ago, I had some reservations about the name. “Are you sure it doesn’t sound like a creepy guy peering at you from around dark corner,” I asked, “maybe waiting to attack with the latest airbrush foundation?” As it turns out, my girl was way ahead of her time as these past few years we’ve seen more and more columns pop up on other blogs and magazine sites utilizing what is apparently fashion’s favorite word — obsess. Last week, The New York Times even published an article on the history and evolution of the word, which of course I paid particular interest to and found fascinating. In other words, I was obsessed with the article about being obsessed!

So…”when and why did this verb, which once connoted a serious psychological disorder, become hijacked by the fashionable young women (and a few men) of America?” Read on to find out!

(Image: Johanna Goodman/ NYT)

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