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Usually getting me to finish a skincare regime to the bottom of the bottle is pretty challenging, but when it came to Olay’s Pro-X Even Skin Tone Protocol, I found myself loving the products so much that it wasn’t too hard to stick with it for the entire month. To recap, about a month ago, Olay approached me to give their new products a whirl, and report back — honestly — how I enjoyed using them. And since skin discoloration is one of my biggest concerns, it wasn’t too hard to get me to say “yes” to the challenge. Olay’s approach to this issue isn’t just attacking skin with aggressive bleaching ingredients, but rather, addressing the problem in a 360 degree approach, by taking into consideration factors that contribute to hyper-pigmentation  including improper sun protection, lack of hydration, surface free radicals, and a weak skin barrier. As such, the Pro-X Even line of products is more of a wholesome skincare regimen that is designed to be used long term.

I thought I would approach this review in a bit of a different way, by ranking the different products in the kit from my most to least favorite. as well as benchmarking each product against two of the product claims: brightening and lightening. This way, readers who are curious about the products can figure out which ones to try first.

Most Favorite: Brightening Renewal Cream

The Brightening Renewal Cream, is the night cream in this regimen, and after a month of use, turned out to be my favorite product out of the three. The consistency is incredibly light and absorbs into skin in just a few seconds with absolutely no greasiness. The product is also fragrance free and left me feeling fresh and clean after the application. The one thing I noticed immediately after using this cream is that I wake up with more moisturized and radiant skin. Usually I’m pretty bad about applying night cream and in the morning, have to deal with somewhat an ashy, dry complexion. The Brightening Renewal Cream definitely addressed both issues so I simply wake up to better skin. As far as I can tell, the product does not contain cosmetics or optical blurring ingredients, so you’re not going to get that immediate fake glow, but you’ll definitely notice a difference in the clarity after continual use. As far as brightening goes, this product lives up to the claims. It’s not really designed to lighten dark spots, so no judgement there.

Great:  PRO-X Anti-Oxidant Sunscreen Sheer Daily Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 35

I love a good sunscreen — the higher SPF the better — so I was really pleased with the SPF 35 in this day cream. The product is also packed with antioxidants to prevent surface free-radical damage, as well as a lightweight moisturizer to help skin retain hydration. The 3-in-1 formulation made it really easy for me to apply in the morning because I didn’t have to worry about incorporating too many products into my regimen and it still provided my skin with enough moisture so that my makeup spreads on easily. Compared to the Brightening Renewal Cream, the Sheer Daily Moisturizer has a much thicker consistency but still spreads evenly though it doesn’t feel as lightweight. I found that the lotion absorbs into a matte finish, which is great for my combination-oily-skin type, and didn’t tend to cause any more oiliness as the day wore on. The product, does however, have a fairly strong chemical sunscreen smell, which I didn’t mind because it reminds me of the beach, but is good to note in case you’re sensitive or more used to a physical sunblock. After thirty days of using this in combination with the night cream, my skin looked brighter and clearer overall and  it gave me a lot of peace of mind knowing that the SPF and anti-oxidants were preventing future damage, though that’s not something I can immediately see. If you’re a sunscreen devotee like me, you’ll also love this product. For drier skinned gals, I would recommend applying a separate moisturizer underneath, and then using this product as your sunscreen and for reapplying throughout the day. Big plus for brightening claims, and as far as lightening goes: it doesn’t erase existing dark spots but will prevent new ones from forming in the future.

Realistic Results: Olay Professional Pro-X Even Skin Tone Spot Fading Treatment

When it comes to products that are designed to erase wrinkles or fully fade spots, I always tend to approach them with a grain of salt. After all, a lot of these skin conditions are formed after years of damage and go way deeper than the most superficial layer of skin, so it’s unrealistic to expect a topical potion to cure all after just a few weeks of use. When it came to the Spot Fading Treatment, I tested it on my most aggressive dark spots, formed over ten years ago on my legs, and after few weeks of application  the spots were, well, still there. However, what I did notice was that the overall area on my shin where I’d been applying the serum was looking much more moisturized and brighter than the surrounding areas — it’s amazing the difference you can see, even on the tougher leg skin. This leads me to believe that the product is great for improving overall clarity and radiance and possibly even treating more superficial hyper-pigmentation, but for the tougher stuff, best leave that to laser. What I did find, however, is that I love combining this with my day moisturizer as I found that it gave my facial skin a lot more of that “instant” radiance. Using all three products together does wonders for brightening the skin both short and long term, but lightening stubborn dark spots will require more aggressive (and I believe, dermatologist only) treatment than this kit.

Overall, I loved this regimen and what it did for boosting radiance and clarity in my skin and I know that the active ingredients in the kit will prevent future dark spots from forming. The brightening renewal cream is also the only night cream that I’ve consistently used…ever and I’ve already started on my second bottle. For gals and gents who are looking to improve the overall clarity of their skin-tone and make their complexion brighter, I would highly recommend grabbing that starter kit and giving it a whirl. Also great for folks who are prone to hyper-pigmentation and want to nip it before it before it even starts to show. Have you tried the kit yet? Share any feedback in the comments below!

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    Please advise where can I purchase these items I live in Gauteng

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    I love this olay package where can I fine it

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