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One of my earliest memories is sitting on my mother’s bed, poring over her jewelry box and trying on her pearls while watching her in the mirror. She was applying a cream which she told me contained real pearls!  I could hardly believe it, and she laughingly explained that one day I would understand the need for quality skin care.  Now that I have a daughter of my own, I want to give her the best of the best, especially when newborn skin is so soft and sensitive.  I was delighted to discover Perfect Pearl’s complete line for baby skin created by Ying Zhou, a mother of two who wanted to incorporate the centuries-old secrets into caring for newborn skin. Asian history shows that the health benefits of the pearl have been proven through generations and pearl powder is considered a precious gift worthy of royalty. Healing, vitality, and beauty are the virtues attributed to pearls, and the soothing properties are noticeable immediately. The formulations used in the line are of amazing quality- sea pearls are carefully sourced and safety is first and foremost.  All products are hypoallergenic, fragrance free, colorant and paraben free and doctor recommended.

The face and body creams are light and easily absorbed, so they could be easily used in combination with a heavier cream or salve for extra-dry spots. Despite the name, your little angel won’t look iridescent as I thought mine might after putting pearl cream on her face!   The face cream contains perfect pearl extract, Drago-calm™ oat flour, oat kernel and safflower oil, and is simply the best after cleansing. The non-greasy lotion also contains safflower oil, pearl, and grape seed. Pearls are calcium and mineral-rich, aiding in alleviating inflammation and pain (definitely great for diaper rash!) and supporting healthy skin developement.

Moms and moms-to-be are completely pampered with the products as well, and they make beautiful and luxurious shower gifts for the mom that has it all. The collection includes bust serum which relieves skin tightness, stretch mark cream to promote tissue regeneration, and nursing comfort cream to safely nurture those tender nipples. Until I was pregnant, I couldn’t understand the need for all these various concoctions, but now looking back it’s hard to imagine life without them.  The Perfect Pearl line is definitely a luxury, but after all, the world is your oyster!

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