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sk-iiI’ll admit it — I’m a bit late to the game when it comes to SK-II’s newest hero product, the LXP Ultimate Revival Essence. I may have been admiring the gorgeous, rose gold bottle (which, perfectly dresses up my vanity) since I got a sample back in January — but trying it — that didn’t happen until just a week ago. But…I have a perfectly good excuse reason for that: I simply didn’t have any cotton pads that I deemed worthy to apply such a premium product. The LXP Ultimate Revival Essence is the even more luxe sister to the brand’s iconic Facial Treatment Essence (which btw, also comes in a gorgeous limited edition bottle designed by Rochas). Like the classic treatment fluid, the Ultimate Revival Essence is also loaded with Pitera, a nutrient rich broth derived from the fermentation process of yeast, but contains an 8 times more concentrated version of the miracle ingredient. The new formulation also contains a trio of moisturizers, a peptide protein that encourages collagen production, and  Centella Essence, a healing ingredient that helps repair the skin and promote a healthier barrier function. The essence is so potent, in fact, that the brand is confident you’ll see results such as brightening and clarity  in as little as three days. Speaking from personal experience, after having just used it for a week, I definitely feel that my skin is looking more radient and more importantly, didn’t break out in my usual cycle of hormonal acne during the time of the month.

Now about that cotton pad situation. SK-II actually recommends not using anything other than your fingers to apply, but for the same reason I hate splashing water over my face and prefer to use a washcloth, I couldn’t heed that advice. If you don’t mind, however, definitely just splash a little in your hands and tap directly into face (bonus: more youthful looking hands and you won’t waste even a drop of the product). But if you’re like me and need a cotton pad, check out this one, which is specially  made for toner and a worthy fit of this luxurious essence.


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