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pixieI try so many different products, sometimes I can forget how fabulous it is when I find one that I really love. And then something like Zoya’s new PixieDust collection comes out and I find myself squeeing all over the place and texting all my friends to tell them they MUST buy it. This is why I love writing about products so much — because when you find one that’s so amazing you want to shout it from the rooftops, it’s just plain fun.

PixieDust is a collection of six new shades with a super cool finish – it’s textured, matte AND sparkling, all at the same time.  (I know it sounds hard to believe, but I’m wearing one right now and that pretty much perfectly describes it).  Here are the shades available right now:

  • Dahlia – A sparkling black
  • Chyna – A sparkling red
  • Godiva – A sparkling nude
  • Vespa – A sparkling green
  • Nyx – A sparkling blue
  • London – A sparkling grey

Every single one of these is gorgeous.  Every.  Single.  One.  I’m currently wearing Dahlia and I cannot stop looking at my hands.  The color is super, super sparkly and you can definitely tell that it’s textured, but not in a very chunky way that can get annoying.  And I love that they dry matte – it gives the shades an extra something special that other textured polishes don’t have.

In case you go out and buy them (and you should – you really, really should!) the application process is a little different on these.  You shouldn’t use a base or a top coat (which is a total time saver) and apply between 1-3 coats of the color (depending on how full you want your coverage).  You should also allow each coat to dry matte completely before applying the next one because that’ll help get you the full textured effect.  Once you’re done applying, it should only take about ten minutes to dry completely and then you’re good to go.  So easy and so pretty.  

Even better, these PixieDusts have been such a big hit, Zoya just announced that there’ll be six more new PixieDust colors coming for the summer (available starting on April 1st).  I am SO excited about that.  Here are the shades that are coming shortly:

  • Solange – A gold metal sparkle
  • Beatrix – A tangerine metal sparkle
  • Destiny – A coral metal sparkle
  • Miranda – A rose sparkle
  • Stevie – A violet sparkle
  • Liberty – A blue sparkle 

 I’ll definitely be making sure all of these come home with me as well.  So fun!

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