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I had the good fortune of spending a number of my formative years going to school at the University of Washington, where all those idyllic collegiate things such as reading (sometimes napping) under trees, hanging out in independent coffee shops (where the coffee was actually good), and lazy afternoon jogs around the lake (framed by the city skyline) all actually happened. Occasionally, I still reminisce about those happy, youthful days — especially when I’m on my third cup of watered down office coffee or when staring out my 30-something story apartment window at the daily chaos that is Manhattan. But if there is one time of year that especially makes me miss college and Seattle, it’s the early spring — when the cherry blossoms come into full bloom along the expansive Quad.


My dorm room was located not far away and whenever the blossoms were out, I would spend as much time as I could hanging out and socializing in between classes. Everyone was on the Quad and sunny afternoons often turned into lazy evenings chatting and lounging under the trees. To me, cherry blossoms will always be associated with feeling happy and warm, and the beginning of a new season. So this year, when Escada launched their annual, limited edition perfumed with a cherry blossom theme — Cherry in the Air — I was quite excited to get my hands on a fragrance that could capture the essence of all those carefree, sweet moments.


Even the campaign image conveys the sunny, joyful nature of the fragrance — the perfume opens with top notes of black cheery and juicy raspberry, tempered by lighter heart notes of gardenia, warm vanilla and marshmallow, and dries down to comforting notes of sandalwood, oak, and musks. When I was smelling all the different layers of fragrance that make up the perfume, I thought the final product might feel a bit heavy. But to my surprise and delight, the notes all balance out to create a flirty, light fragrance on first spritz. The dry down is a little bit warmer and sweeter (but not overly so) and the comforting marshmallow and vanilla notes come to the forefront after a couple hours of wear.

The fragrance is housed in a brightly colored, Escada signature perfume bottle and designed with cute cherry prints and ring charm that can be worn as jewelry. Margot Mace, the illustrator of the packaging, took inspiration from her own happy memories and sought to bring a bit of Parisian whimsicality to the design, depicting a pretty young woman riding her bike through a cherry orchid. Whether your memories of cherry blossoms take place on a college campus, or to the soundtrack of Jolie Coquine, or along the regal Tidal Basin, those pretty pink blooms always seem conjure up blissful moments and happy times for everyone. Luckily for us, Escada has now bottled up that joy in a keepsake bottle to spritz and enjoy whenever and wherever.

Cherry in Air limited edition fragrance can be purchased at

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