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I’ve always considered myself lucky that I was born in the month of April — not only are flowers blooming (just not this year yet), but my birthstone is, of course, the diamond. Naturally, it’s always been my excuse to pass over other stones, because well, I was just born that way. When I first heard about the new 50-minute Diamond Facial at The Spa at Equinox, I couldn’t wait to try it since it combines two of my loves — getting pampered and diamonds! The “diamond” part of the facial is a collagen mask formulated to give the same effects as a diamond microdermabrasion, and it is actually platinum-infused to illuminate and revive the skin.

But let me start from the beginning, as the experience was flawless from start to finish. The beautiful Equinox club I visited in Bethesda, MD was by far the most clean, elegant and contemporary gym I’ve ever seen (it might actually make me work out, which is saying a lot). I changed into my Frette robe and my uber-talented therapist, Svetlana, ushered me into the treatment room where the magic began. Exfoliation is a major part of this facial, because prepping the skin to receive the mask is of utmost importance for maximizing the rejuvenating and luminous effects. We even got a little high-tech as Svetlana used a small device to draw out impurities and oxygenate my skin! This definitely ranked among the most thorough treatments I’ve ever had as there was not a single pore left unscrubbed or unplugged.

One of my favorite parts to a facial is the mini-massage you get while the good stuff soaks in, and I loved that everything was so well timed. The neck and shoulder massage came about halfway through, and then as the mask soaked in, a hand massage left me feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated. When I left, my face looked younger and more radiant, and I was even told I had a glow about me, which I’m sure is a result of feeling so fresh and relaxed. Even a few days later, I know the effects of the mask are still working to diminish appearance of fine lines and “crinkles,” and improve overall elasticity. The brightening properties of the mask definitely add some “sparkle” to dull skin that’s survived this extra long and cold winter. Luckily, you don’t have to be an Equinox member to experience this facial as it’s open to non-members — head over to the your nearest Spa at Equinox to learn more.

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