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jinsoonThere are few things in life that I’m worse at than the DIY manicure, but when I found myself hit with a bout of insomnia last night, I decided to try two new nail polishes that Jin Soon Choi had sent over anyway. Much to my surprise, not even ten minutes later, I had managed to achieve a glossy, even, streak-free manicure on both hands. The only explanation I can think of is that Jin Soon’s polish must be formulated with magic ingredients and a brush that knows how to paint by itself. To say that I was merely impressed by the polishes would be an understatement — I was immediately obsessed!

My fresh manicure is comprised of two polishes that Jin Soon recently launched exclusively with SpaceNK — Voile and Gossamer. In the bottle, Voile looks like a medium shade of purple that I probably wouldn’t have thought to pick out of a lineup — something about it made me feel as if it could look a little heavy or flat. On the nail, however, the polish transforms into a really  feminine lilac-royal purple hybrid that is almost multi-dimensional in how glossy and vibrant the color is. I could not stop staring at my nails.

With such perfection in both color and coverage on my nails, I was afraid even to open the tube of Gossamer lest one bad swipe ruined the best manicure I’ve ever given myself to date. But, curiosity got the best of me and I dabbled a bit of the shimmery top coat on my pinky to test. Even though Voile on its own already had a high-gloss finish, Gossamer added an even more amazing shine, shimmer, and depth to the color. I now catch myself watching my nails catch the light and sparkle in the same way I do with my engagement ring.

Of course, such a glowing review would not be complete without a picture of the final look — so head over to my Instagram to check it out. The photo will unfortunately also reveal the only negative thing I have to say about the polishes  — they haven’t figured out how to cut my cuticles or help me stay within the lines yet.

Viole and Gossamer are $18 each at

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