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moA quick refresher — you may have noticed the pretty blue bottles of Moroccan Oil hair treatments in the windows of all the best salons around town — it’s like a hair revolution! The line is getting international attention and the hair products have won the coveted Stylist Choice Award as the “Favorite Product You Can’t Live Without” for five years in a row. There are stories, legends even, of how severely damaged hair has been tamed, shiny and reingivorated with the oil treatment. I set out to test a few products (including one new launch!), and have been converted over a matter of weeks.

The base of the treatment is the Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. The shampoo is great because it’s gentle enough that I can use it daily, and it really does the job- my hair feels clean without residue. It also contains powerful antioxidants, Vitamin A and red algae which also retain moisture and slow the aging process, and there are no parabens, sulfates or phosphates. It’s a perfect primer to be a canvas for the conditioner and beyond. The hydrating conditioner feels incredibly rich when it’s allowed to work for a few minutes, and because it’s a “water-loving” formula, it is activated as you rinse out, leaving silky, healthy hair.

Newly launching from the brand is their Heat Styling Protection Spray  and the star of the line in my opinion. I blow dry my hair quite frequently, but a lot of product will weigh it down. The spray protects and gives a touch of gloss while providing a soft hold so I don’t have to add in another product t unless I’m going for a really styled look. After towel-drying my hair, I’ll spray about 8 inches away on sections of hair concentrating on the ends, then blow dry sans worries! 

Last but not least, the Hydrating Styling Cream was used by one of my favorite designers, Roland Mouret, for models in his Fall/Winter 2013 collections. Genius stylist Orlando Pita created a modern take on the classic French Twist resulting in shiny hair tightly pulled back into a unique angular roll which flawlessly complemented the precise, clean silhouette of the designs. The styling cream worked to create the sleek, smooth texture with a soft, natural-looking hold. I’m no Orlando Pita, but it was a lot of fun experimenting with the cream. I’d recommend going easy on it when first trying it (start with half to one full pump for damp hair), then style. To prevent heaviness, stay away from applying to the roots- start mid-length and go to the ends. Once you’ve gotten a hang of the texture and how it works with your hair, the sky’s the limit.

Moroccan Oil is a full service line, even when you’re using the products at home: videos giving instructions and tips on how to use the products are on each page, so you’re not left in the dark to experiment! It’s like having a stylist coach you along, and I have to admit, the gorgeous models and cute hairstylists aren’t too hard on the eyes either.

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