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panteneI spend most of my time and energy focusing on skincare, but this season, I’m really stepping it up with haircare. Last summer, after too many curling irons and one disastrous in-salon coloring experience, my poor hair was so fried that nothing could save it except for lopping it all off. I ended up having to get inches trimmed, which was totally fine and even fun at the time — but this year I can’t have a repeat for a very good reason: I’m getting married in the fall and my hair inspiration is Veronica Lake aka long, luscious, healthy hair. With that in mind, I have been extra careful about everything that comes into contact with my hair, and have even started using Pantene’s Overnight Miracle — a night repair serum — to make sure that my locks are kept in the best condition possible for the big day.

Pantene’s Overnight Miracle is designed to restore hair while you sleep, much like a potent night cream. Although it is meant to be used as part of a complete regimen (Repair & Protect Shampoo and Conditioner), I have been using it just on it’s own to great results. The product is a milky serum like consistency and easily absorbs into hair without leaving any grease or film. A number of ingredients moisturize and restore damaged strands while you sleep and coats the cuticle to prevent additional damage from pulling or friction caused by sleep. In the morning, hair is noticeably softer and I don’t even have to re-condition to keep it shiny and bouncy all day long.

The product is meant to treat strands that are already damaged (wish I had it last summer) but doesn’t cause any extra greasiness or oiliness even if applied to healthy, normal hair. I use it a couple times a week or at the first sign of dryness as a preventative measure — especially since I still do love that curling iron and sea salt spray. So far, the results have been immediate and long lasting, and leaving me feeling pretty confident that I’ll have luscious hair come September.

To learn more, make sure to log onto Twitter today at 2PM and join @Pantene for a #BeautySleep chat.

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