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dermadoctorEyes will always be the proverbial windows to our souls, but sometimes those window dressings need a little pick-me-up! Dermadoctor’s Photodynamic Eye Therapy does just that with a potent formula to relax fine lines and tighten lids while reducing puffy eyes and lifting sagging lids. Thought you couldn’t see improvements without the scary thought of a scalpel and anesthetic? I am terrified of any type of surgery, and gladly welcome any alternative that will show any visible differences. Before Dermadoctor Photodynamic Eye Therapy, I was dubious of creams and treatments. I started trying the cream on a few desperate mornings where I didn’t get enough sleep (grrr…) or had a bit too much salt for dinner the previous night, resulting in unsightly bags and puffy eyelids. The cream absorbed readily without any greasy residue, and after a few minutes of tingling (not harsh stinging), I finished brushing my teeth and voila! I felt like I was in college again after an all nighter and it only took a splash of cold water to restore my visage (if only I could get my metabolism back too). Now I can revisit those days minus the exams and stress, thanks to Dermadoctor’s Eye Lift. After using the Eye Lift regularly for a month, I can report firmer and healthier skin around my eyes, and a reduction in under-eye swelling. 

The research and technology that go into formulating the Eye Therapy is astounding. Extracts from Noni fruits benefit the skin by firming and reducing fine lines, and Euglena Gracilis extracts promote fat cell metabolism. Scientists have isolated the compounds that are responsible for lobster weight loss prior to molting, and used it in the Eye Lift to firm skin and naturally reduce the fat pad under the eye. Talk about using natural remedies; it doesn’t get any more intense than this! The therapy is ophthalmologist-approved for safety for use on the upper eye lid, under eye area, and crow’s feet regions. Makeup can be used over it, and I actually found application to be a little smoother after waiting a few minutes for the cream to absorb, likely due to tighter moisturized skin. Happily, my skin is a touch brighter and my dark circles are less noticeable, so my eyes don’t have to hide behind sunglasses all day!

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