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There are few things that are more soothing to me than the sweet scent of a really fragrant tea. During colder days, I love curling up with a hot cup of jasmine or chrysanthum tea and inhaling the steam and scent — really it’s half the joy of drinking tea in itself! Now that the weather’s warmer, the iced beverages don’t quite provide that same experience, but I recently learned about a collection of candles put out by one of my favorite tea companies ever — Le Palais des Thes (their Fleur de Geisha green tea is beyond…)  — that recreates that delightful fragrance for your home. They really give the term “tea lights” a whole new meaning!

The collection of candles include five scents — ranging from the delicate nature of green tea to spicier aromas of oriental tea leaves to bright, vibrant fragrances of herbal blends. Each candle is housed in a colorful frosted jar that brightens up any room visually and the scent lightly fragrances for 50 hours without ever being overpowering. I personally love to keep one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom, especially when there are guests over — these are definitely beautiful candles that you want people to see!

To view the entire collection, check out Le Palais des Thes.

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