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For the gal that appreciates the finer things in life, there is nothing more exciting that a glimpse of that iconic Hermès orange. My fiancé learned this early when I dragged him to the Madison Avenue flagship just a few months after we started dating and gave him a very detailed walking tour, pointing out all the key pieces any aspiring Hermès collector should own. Though he looked a little scared at the time, he eventually got the point and surprised me a while later with a beautiful enamel bangle, which he hid in the fridge for me to find one day after work. I still remember that shock followed by joy when I spotted that beautiful orange box nestled between the half-and-half and Brita. Like I said, few things can compare to a little box, crafted in the most perfect orange known to womankind.

Now imagine if Hermès bottled up that excitement and energy into a fragrance, and you’ve got yourself their newest Cologne, Eau De Mandarine Ambrée. Of all the fragrances from the house of Hermès, it would only make sense that I would find their interpretation of the orange to be the most joyous one. The fragrance opens with the sweet juice of mandarin tempered by the zest of the rind. In other words, it really smells like an orange–but fresh and invigorating, not artificial or contrived. However, you needn’t worry about smelling like a breakfast beverage, the bright notes soon give way to a creamier amber while the slightly bittersweet rind elevates the fragrance to something more unexpected and sophisticated.

The cologne comes in an 100ml and 200ml bottle and is light enough to mist all over the body. My only complaint is that the bottle comes with a beautiful cap that can’t be put back on once the spray is inserted, leaving the overall packaging feel a little unfinished (I just like everything to look perfect on my vanity!). The fragrance isn’t available online yet for US folks (here’s the UK link), which means that you’ve got to do it the old-fashioned way and head to the Hermès store. Not that that was ever a bad thing…

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