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I’ve been getting an odd compliment lately…at least odd in the sense that I’ve never had so many people comment on this before: I really like our glasses! Where are they from!? 

“Really?” I would usually reply, “You really think glasses are cute?” I don’t know about other glasses wearers, but I’ve always had a bit of a complex about being in public in glasses. They always struck me as a little frumpy and unpolished, but compared to a long, hard day in contacts, they sure are comfy! And now people were actually complimenting me on them, saying they look stylish instead of dorky–I had finally found the right frames for me!

The frames I’m referring to are the Kim Tortoise from a new glasses company called RetroEyeWorks. As you would infer from the name, the company creates stylish glasses that take inspiration from glamourous days past. To mix things up, founder Michael Zargari created three different categories of lenses: RetroSpecs (totally Mad Men-esque), The Woodworks Collection (for the stylish and environmentally conscious), and Eye Candy (for the bright, bold colored gal). The Kim is from the Woodworks Collection, and I love that the frames contain bamboo for both style and incredible comfort!

For more info (and so we can be glasses twinsies), check out

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  1. Alysia  |  18 June 2013 at 6:57 AM

    I love those frames and I totally agree wearing glasses feels like I’m being lazy. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect geek chic glasses but unfortunately with my prescription I can’t seem to find any that work.

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